Garden color schemes

Have you decided on contrasting or toning colours, a single colour or a rainbow mixture for your garden?

Ideally, all your potted plants would be in flower when you planted them so you could judge whether or not the effect was what you were after. In reality, this is unlikely to be the case, so you will need to rely on some vivid mental imagery and the colours shown on the label.

Most illustrated plant labels give a reasonably accurate idea of the flower colour you can expect, but some depict exaggerated colours. This is where time spent looking at magazines and a variety of other gardens pays off. Remember that plants will flower for a limited time of the year.

The structure of the plant and the leaf colours will be important for the remaining time. Do you want all plants in this area to flower at the same time, or have you planned for staggered flowering so there is something flowering in the bed at most times of the year? Remember that all-white or all-pastel gardens have limited biodiversity value, so plan a more vibrant colour palette for at least one area of the garden.