Family Primulaceae
Hardiness 3 – 8
Native Himalaya
Sun exposure full sun, partial shade
Soil well drained, moist
Soil pH 6 – 7
Color range yellow, white, red, pink, purple

Primrose is genus of 400–500 species. It is a hardy perennial plant, 10–30 cm tall. One of the earliest spring flowers, bloom until late summer.
The flowers are borne singly on a stem, 2–4 cm in diameter. Primrose grows in woodlands and bogs or rocky areas and on hillsides.

Common varieties:
  • Primula x polyantha
  • Primula denticulata

Sowing Primrose:

  • Sow primrose seed in early spring on a moist seed bed
  • Keep it on 70 degrees F. during germination (3 – 6 weeks)
  • You can also sow seed in the fall outside (cover with burlap)
  • It is very important to keep the soil moist during the summer