When to plant

To ensure less stress on new plants and increase their chances of thriving, there are some times of year, times of day and weather conditions that are the best planting times.

Best time of year for planting

If you can, plant in the season that has the mildest weather conditions. when to plant Here, that means either just after the autumn break when the soil is still warm and the rains have started, or once the soil has warmed up a little in spring.

Winter planting in areas where this season is not too severe can be successful, but plants will be under stress if they are subject to frost or waterlogging, and will not thrive as those planted in a milder season will.

Don’t plant in the heat of summer unless you can keep plants well watered and provide shade. If you do plant in summer, try to do so at the start of a cool change so new plants have at least a few days of milder temperatures before having to cope with extreme heat.
During drought years, wait patiently for the weather to break and use the time for planning and research. Try to wait for a cloudy day. Rain is even better if you don’t mind getting wet in a good cause.

In cloudy or rainy weather you can plant at any time of day. Do avoid planting in the heat of the sun. Even in spring and autumn the sun is hot in the middle of the day and plants will be stressed, so if the designated planting day is sunny, wait until evening.