Feng Shui bedroom

The principles of Feng Shui are particularly important in the bedroom, it is a place where you can truly rest. For most people, the bedroom is a place (room) where you can get away after work and everyday stress. Bedroom should be suitable for comfortable sleep, relaxation and romance. The dark, untidy bedroom can cause feelings of depression.

  • The entrance/doors are very important in Feng Shui, door should opens at least 90 degrees, less than that is considered to be at the border and symbolically to remove the luck and opportunity
  • When you walk into your bedroom one thing should be in focus - the big picture, photos, fireplace, or a piece of furniture
  • When decorating bedrooms, try to avoid stimulating colors on the walls, such as the red and gold. Instead, use a relaxing color as pastel blue, green or yellow
  • Refresh the look and lighting in the bedroom. Choose a lamp for reading or relaxing
  • The position of the bed is extremely important for creating a peaceful and quiet environment in your bedroom. Most people instinctively know where to set the bed. However, the bed should not be in a direct line with the door
  • A mirror directly across from your bed can lead to disrupted sleep
  • It is not advisable to watch TV in the bedroom. If you insist, keep the television in an enclosed cabinet when you are not watching it
Feng Shui bedroom