Shabby chic

If there is a form of design which permeates the softness of femininity, the harmony of pastel-colored and charm of old - it is shabby chic.
Furniture for this form of design usually comes from a fair of antiques. Each item has a story and a strong individuality, but easily fits into any new space and with every other piece of furniture.
If you like lots of pillows, accessories, floral fabrics, feminine cabinets and chairs, then you'll love this style!
It's important to know main rules: just white or pastel. Bright colors are not allowed and each room must be airy and fresh.

Steps to shabby chic:

  • First look at yours attic or basement.
  • Or buy a piece of solid wooden furniture that you want to process.
  • Don't forget Internet
  • Arm yourself with ideas
  • Clean item/items thoroughly
  • Strip off any varnish or paint with sandpaper
  • Apply a coat of primer and allow to dry 24 h
  • Apply a furniture polish (bees wax)
  • Sand the surface lightly with 220-grit sandpaper
  • Apply a topcoat and allow to dry thoroughly
  • Sand the surface (intensity depends on you)
Shabby chic