Ideas for small kitchen

Kitchens of many size and designs can bi well-decorated, inviting space. Enjoy your kitchen and welcome friends by making it as attractive as it can be. Begin with a plan and structure and then add your favorite colors, fabrics, furnishings and accessories to make it your own space. Before you start decorating, assess what you plan to keep, want you want to change, and determine the look that appeals to you.

Small kitchen: think of a small kitchen as the ideal opportunity to enrich surfaces without breaking your decoration budget. When space is limited, use stone or solid-surfacing materials for the backsplash as well as the countertop. Match upper and lower cabinets to avoid dividing the space. Choose white paint, distressed finishes, or light wood, such as natural maple, to keep a small kitchen as open as possible.

Minimize countertop accessories and opt for clear canisters to avoid visual clutter. If possible, leave windows uncovered or dress with simple shades or blinds if privacy or sun control are concerns.

Small kitchen