Feng Shui bathroom

If the design of these important room is in harmony with the principles of Feng Shui, spending time in it, as well as performing daily activities, will be much more comfortable. The eastern and southeastern sides in relation to the center of the home are the optimal positions for bathroom because the mentioned locations have consistent chi-energy of water and wood. The bathroom is the space dedicated for cleaning the body.The presence of water renews your spirit.

  • It is very important that bathroom is not located right above the main house door
  • Mirrors are recommended for the bathroom as they speed up and circulate energy
  • Don't paint your bathroom in green (the reflection of green in the mirror makes most people look ill)
  • Keep the bathroom door closed
  • Keep all items packed neatly in boxes, or even better - in closed cabinets. This prevents stagnation of energy and reduces maintenance
  • Always keep the toilet cover down. In addition to contributing to greater hygiene in feng shui terms of this procedure prevents unnecessary discharge of energy (read: money) from your apartment
  • Have several sources of lighting
  • Keep the space warm
  • Place plants to purify the air and bring in vital energy
  • Keep it ventilated and smelling good
  • Add some wood elements to balance the water
Feng Shui bathroom